Due to the obligations at work and at home I was always postponing my workouts. But haven’t we done all at some point? Luckily I met Niek, an exceptional Personal Trainer who guides me through exercising at home! It is already two months since I am doing exercises every day. The sessions are easy to follow, having written instructions … More Melida


I have always been active: walking, dancing, fitness classes but, as of recently, I stopped and gained quite a lot of weight. I pretty much like anything sweet, sugary foods are super delicious and anyone who denies that is lying… it was just crazy how much of sweets I used to eat, copious quantities that … More Iva


I’ve been a client for a couple of years now and continue to enjoy and see benefits from the varied workouts presented by my trainer. I find that my trainer tracks my progress, regularly contacts me with progress updates and presents suggestions as to how my programme can be tailored to my needs (time based) … More Richard


After two months of training with CIF, I have achieved a significant increase in my strength and muscular endurance. The app is the ideal tool to plan workouts and capture data to monitor progress. It helps you stay on track to achieving your fitness goals. Having the ability to contact the trainer through the app … More Richard


I have been a regular gym-goer for a few years but then made a long break and just when I started with Bodypump fitness classes again, I realised I was pregnant. The next nine months were devoid of any interest in exercise on my part except some home video low intensity Pilates and walking. First-time … More Maya


Niek and the Trainerize APP have changed my life! I used to be a world class athlete. But after retiring from diving I got lazy. I just couldn’t manage to push myself to get to the gym, or do anything when I did go, without the team trainers that had been assigned during my athletic … More Carlos


I am a very lazy person when it comes to fitness. I have tried to get into fitness for years but it never worked out. I would give up after few days. Also I never liked going to a gym. CIF has been a life changing experience for me. The Trainerize app is easy to … More Irfana