Shape up Competition

It is competition time again! We  are offering a two month competition to get you in better shape.

If you want to get more energy, feel more confident or fit in your favourite clothes again, this is a competition for you to join!

You will get to know a new form of training, through an application called Trainerize. The programme you choose will be available to you in Trainerize. Here you will also log the exercises and we will monitor the progress.


Jeune femme dans un jean trop grand aprs un rgime russiDuring the next two months, we will have a programme available to enable you to train and get yourself into a better shape. The goal is to lose body weight and shape up in those 8 weeks by training properly, three times a week. You are already a winner when you get in better shape, but for the overall winner there is also a price!


We will run this competition in the months of October and November. So, the first weigh-in and measurement is on 1 October 2017 and the final one will be on 30 November 2017.

How to win


Basic goal is to get you in better shape, but if you happen to have lost the most weight and shaped up the most you are a even more lucky to win additional training!

The winner is the person who scores the best on two factors: body weight loss and waist size loss. So you would need a scale and a measuring tape for these measurements.

First part is based on losing the most weight as a percentage of his or her initial body weight. For example, if you are 100kg and lost 5kg in two months you have lost 5%. Or, when you start with 75kg and lost 5kg, you have lost 6,67% .

The second part is waist size, here as well it is about losing the most depending on your initial size.

These two factors will be added and the sum of these percentages will lead to the winner of the competition.

Mdchen im Sportdress misst sich die Taille mit einem MassbandThere is a weekly check-in you have to make in which you record your progress and add pictures as proof, these check-ins and pictures are a prerequisite to win the competition. In other words, you cannot miss a check-in if you want to have a chance of winning.

What if you win?

The prize for the winner is another two months additional training according to the Elite Programme (worth $600!). You will get a customized and personalized training programme, with all the benefits of the Elite Programme of Continuous Improvement Fitness.

This competition is aimed at helping you even further to reach and crush your goals! So, hurry up and claim your spot in the competition now!

Closeup of weightlifter clapping hands before  barbell workout a

Programme offerings

Option 1 – Standard Programme ($120):

  • you will get a standard 8 week programme that is fully scheduled to cover the period of the competition.

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Option 2 – Pro Programme ($200):

  • you will get a customized 8 week professional programme that is altered and tailored to your abilities, experience and available equipment.
  • The programme will be adjusted every two weeks upon evaluation of your progress.

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Option 3 – Elite Programme ($300):

  • you will get a customized 8 week elite programme that is altered and tailored to your needs, previous practice and equipment at hand.
  • The programme will be adjusted every week upon evaluation of your progress.

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For further information, please send an email to or leave a reaction below.

What do you have to lose, except some excess kilos?

Start now, not tomorrow!

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