Online Personal Training

New Spots for busy parents to get stronger, fitter and have more energy

If you want to start with online personal training with kettlebells, I have a few open spots for the coming month.


Advantages of Online Personal Training

There are multiple advantages of on-line personal training. It is a flexible, effective and cost efficient way to train.

  • Flexible – You can train where and whenever you want. You are in no way limited to the location and or the availability of your (personal) trainer. You can even be in a different continent and not even leave the house for your training session.
  • Effective – Your training plan is specifically for you. It is tailor made to your goals, experience and situation. Everybody is different, so why have a standard plan. It is better to adjust a specific plan along the way, continuously improving and adjusting.
  • Cost efficient – The services of a in-person personal trainer are paid per session. The online version is a monthly fee and does not change per the number of sessions you do. The monthly fee is significantly lower than three sessions per week with an in-person trainer for a month. You will still get a fully customized program and dedicated instructions with videos to guide you through your sessions.

These advantages are also mentioned this article or this article. Be assured that your program through Continuous Improvement Fitness will be personalized and adjusted to your needs, situation and experience. The basis of any program will be somehow similar, but we will work with the equipment that is available for you on a program that will work towards the goals you have.


If you have any questions get in touch through the Contact Page, or send me an email. Also while working with me, you can get in touch through email or the chat function that is available in the Trainerize application.

Online personal training with kettlebells