Kettlebell: Video Feedback

You must have seen them somewhere, or maybe you have one at home. Kettlebells. The big canon-ball with a handle. There are multiple advantages of training with a kettlebell, but are you doing the right thing? Video feedback for your kettlebell technique is perhaps a good solution in these times of Covid-19 restrictions.

Kettlebells are Ideal to Train at Home

Small selection of Kettlebells in the Garden
Small selection of Kettlebells in the Garden

You could reach different goals by training with kettlebells. When you have one or two kettlebells at home, you can do a lot without the need for big machines and or barbells. On top of it, you can train in your garden, living room or where you want. During these times of Covid-19 restrictions with most gyms being closed, this is a very good way to train.

You could work on increasing strength, build muscle mass or work on your overall fitness. Lots of that depends on the type of movements and the number of repetitions you perform, but also what you eat and what you do to recover. One of the important aspects of the kettlebell movements is that they are performed in a correct manner.

Quality over Quantity

The quality of the performed movements is not only important for the effectiveness with which you reach your goals, but also in order to prevent injuries. The best example is the kettlebell swing. There is a big difference between swinging a kettlebell and performing a proper kettlebell swing. Different aspects come into play with a kettlebell swing and those are essential to have all the benefits and advantages of this movement.

Hard-style vs Kettlebell Sport

There is also a difference between the two (main) camps with regard to kettlebells. Kettlebell Sport uses a specific type of kettlebell, also called a Competition Kettlebell. These all have the same size, but differ in weight and are indicated with different colours. The sport is focussed on performing as many repetitions in a set time (10 minutes) for a specific movement. This requires technique and strength (both physically and mentally).

The other type of kettlebell camp is commonly referred to as ‘hard-style’. This form of kettlebell training is mainly focussed on training for speed and power. The repetitions are a lot less than with kettlebell sport, but the intensity is higher by using maximal muscle tension. This is the form of kettlebell training I practice and am an instructor for. This form of training is to my opinion most suitable for all levels and the best style to start with. On top of it, this is the type of training (when done properly) is ideal to end the sessions fresh and full of energy.

StrongFirst Kettlebell

I reached my Kettlebell Certification through StrongFirst. This is seen globally as the gold standard for (Hard-style) Kettlebell Certifications. The certification really dives deep in the technique, as they say “an inch wide, a mile deep”. During the certification all aspects of a proper technique, drills and cues are being taught.

StrongFirst certified Instructor

Video Feedback on Kettlebell Technique

Besides the regularly coaching and short kettlebell courses, I also want to offer video feedback for kettlebell technique. With this I will give feedback, tips and possibly drills to improve your technique. This way you will get the most out of your kettlebell training. As soon as your payment is received and you shared your video, I will try to review and comment on your video within 24 hours*. For the time and effort it is costing me, I am asking $20 for the review and giving specific and personalized feedback. To make it more accessible and easier for you to experience the benefits, I ask only $15 for the first review. When you like this form of feedback and instruction, we can look into the options of a more specific form of coaching or a training program.

*These 24 hours depend on the moment of submission, but I might need to record a video with specific drills. Any way you will receive an initial response within 24 hours.

Knowing where to pay attention in an exercise helps a lot during workouts and he does a great job analyzing the workout videos I have sent him. He is my go-to person now when I have an issue with my kettlebell swing.


Get Feedback on your Technique

To start the process for you to receive feedback on your kettlebell technique, click on the link that is applicable to your situation. After your payment, your video will be reviewed and you will receive feedback. The video is preferably uploaded to a service like YouTube or Vimeo, which will give me the opportunity to take screen-shots and edit these. The link for the video can be shared before or after the payment, but will be only reviewed after the payment is made.

First video review

A review of your technique with feedback, tips and possibly drills to improve your technique. First time only $15, after that $20


Continuation video review

A review of your technique with feedback, tips and possibly drills to improve your technique. Costing $20



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