About Online Personal Training with Continuous Improvement Fitness

You feel like you should start exercising, but you simply cannot find the time with young children in the house? You have fitness goals, but don’t want to spend hours in the gym? I have the solution for you!

Online Personal Training with Continuous Improvement Fitness

So, you want to get more energy? Improve your confidence? Or fit back into some of your favorite clothes again? Here is how Continuous Improvement Fitness can help you.

This is normally a part of a website where you can get to know a bit more about the company or the team behind the company. Here I wanted to start of a bit more about what Online Personal Training with Continuous Improvement Fitness can mean to you. Not to leave you completely in the dark about the company and me, I will explain a bit about that at the end.

What makes Online Personal Training through Continuous Improvement Fitness Different

What makes the online personal training through Continuous Improvement Fitness different than for instance training in a gym on your own? Well, we will start of with an intake questionnaire in which you will point out your goals, your experience and which possibilities you have. Based on that, we will work on a training program that suits your goals, experience and possibilities. Depending on your subscription plan, this program will be adjusted either once a month or weekly when needed. It is truly a customized and personalized program to fit you and your goals. Many online coaching services offer access to standard programs, with which you can train for 8 weeks, but they are not a proper fit to your goal and your situation. With other words, with Continuous Improvement Fitness, your program is just for you and it will be Continuously Improved and adjusted to Continuously Improve you!

Our mission is to help you live, feel and move better by working on strength, mobility, nutrition and recovery. This we would like to achieve by sustainable and achievable improvements in your day to day life.

Who is the Personal Trainer?

Your Personal Trainer Niek
Niek Schokkenbroek is the Personal Trainer for Continuous Improvement Fitness

But who is behind Continuous Improvement Fitness? My name is Niek Schokkenbroek and I am born in 1979. Over the years I have been performing several sports, varying from judo to athletics, tennis to jiu jitsu and more recently I have been playing rugby. I have been a military officer in the Dutch Armed Forces for over 12 years and during that career I have been working out a lot as well. At this moment I am a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), I have a Power Sled Instructor certification from Overload Worldwide , SFG1 Kettlebell Instructor by StrongFirst and Certified Online Trainer. I am currently located in the Netherlands, but serve and have served clients worldwide.

What could you do next?

When you register below, you will receive the free e-Book “The Essentials of Living Healthy”. In this book the general outlines of healthy living are described and this will give you a good impression on what we find important in training.

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