Fat Loss Plan – lose 8 kg of fat in 8 Weeks

You have found this page because you either want to get in shape, lose weight or more specifically lose fat-mass. Or you just want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again. Well, you have come to the right place for that!

8 Week Weight Loss Program, how to fit in your favorite jeans again

But first of all let me make clear that I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, I am a personal trainer. This Fat Loss Program of 8 weeks, is a method I have found to work for me and some other people. Before you take on this program, consult with your doctor and follow his or her advice.

What is this Program

  • A challenging 8 week focused program
  • A focus on specific types of food but in a variety
  • Food is allowed in certain amounts, based on points and only if on ‘the list’.
  • A way to get rid of roughly 8kg of excess body weight in 8 weeks time

What it is not

  • A walk in the park
  • Extremely restrictive in calories
  • Focused on very few types of food
  • A lifelong program or diet (this is to give your body a boost and a start in the rght direction)

Results you can achieve with this Fat Loss Program

The graph below shows the progress I had trying out this method. As you can see, the slope of the graph is not only downward. There are days where, if you deserved a ‘day off’ you can eat differently. It will show in your weight afterwards, but the overall progress will continue. Sometimes it takes a day or two though but results will come.

screenshot 2019-01-07 at 08.56.48

The Fat Loss Program

Healthy Heart FoodSo, how to proceed? You can either opt for an eBook with instructions and the explanation, or a coached option. When you choose the eBook, you will have all instructions in the eBook and you will have to prepare some calculations yourself. Then you are good to go.

If you decide to go for the coached option, you will receive your personalized eBook, you will receive a weekly email to keep track of your progress, a customized training program that you can perform at home or at a gym (depending on your situation) and you will have the additional support.

The Cost

As many things in life, there is a price tag to these products. The main thing is that when you pay for something, you are also more likely to make use of it. So, the fact that you pay for this eBook makes your more likely to adhere to the program. The same goes for the coached option, which also requires more time and effort from my side. And like everybody else, I also have to make a living.

Woman waist with measuring tape over gray background.The price of the eBook is just $24,99 and it will be sent to you, once your payment is processed.

The coached option is $249. As mentioned before, this option includes the eBook ($24,99) but personalized, weekly emails and a training program (in accordance with the Pro Program I am offering, regular price $200 per month). So, that is something that would otherwise cost you $424,99 if enjoyed in full. This option will take up to a week to arrange and get you going. Your program will be made in coordination with you, taking into account your experience and the equipment you have available.

So, what will be the version you would like to opt for? The eBook that will have you covered for 8 weeks, or the coached option where you will have additional benefits of support? You can make your choice below. Whichever option you pick, you will see results. But remember, it is not a magic pill: you will have to do some work!

* eBook “8 Week Fat Loss Program”

This will get you the eBook with my “8 Week Fat Loss Program”. An explanation of how the program works, what is allowed and how you can achieve quick results with a simple program. It will be challenging, but totally worth it!



Goals are most efficiently achievable when using the services of a personal trainer

* Coached Option

This is the coached option in which you will receive a personalized eBook, a training program and weekly emails to help you to stay on track.


Continuous Improvement Fitness

But who and what is Continuous Improvement Fitness? My name is Niek Schokkenbroek, I am from the Netherlands and currently am residing in Lebanon. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT) and certified Kettlebell Instructor through StrongFirst.

I offer online personal training solutions wth which my clients have their personalized and customized training programs through an application. More information about that, you can find by clicking here: about Online Personal Training with Continuous Improvement Fitness.  

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  1. I live in Lebanon not in USA or European country so am concerned about the type is meals if I can make it in my country !!

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