5 Tips to Improve Your Routine

All of us know that it is important to live a healthy life. Even if that is not always on the top of your mind. Or when you feel your approach is not really reflecting this. Understanding that something is important, does not make it easier to implement. So how to improve your routine to work on your health? Here are 5 tips.

Challenging aspects with regard to your routine

Nowadays it quite normal to have a full day with all kinds of obligations (both self-inflicted and external) and distractions to have the feeling you have no time to include some physical exercise. With regard to nutrition there are all kinds of processed and designed foods that trigger a certain reaction in your brain which makes you crave these foods more and more and it is easier to over-eat them (see also “Processed Foods – Why to Stay Away”)

Improve Your Routine with These 5 Tips to Work on Your Health

How can you then help yourself in making the time and attention for a more healthier lifestyle? There are a few aspects you can adjust to set yourself up better towards a healthier you. These aspects can be roughly divided in the categories of exercise and nutrition.

Improve Your Nutrition Routine

1. Set Up Your Nutrition Planning

Improve your routine - importance of a shopping list

With regard to nutrition there are a few things you can implement to your routine. The importance of nutrition is often overlooked. You can read also about in Dan John’s and John Hillis’ book “Fatloss Happens on a Monday“. They recommend that the first day of the week is focussed on shopping and mealprepping. According to them, this should be your main focus for the Monday considering its importance. I don’t believe that it is really necessary to do this on a Monday, but I do believe it is very important to start shopping with a well-thought shopping list and set up your week so you always have a healthy meal on that one night that you hardly have time.

Nutrition Label Sample

2. Know What Foods (Not) to Buy

It sounds quite simple, but you should try to prevent having the types of food at home that you know are bad for you, you are likely to overeat, or don’t fit with the goal you are trying to achieve. You also need to make sure that you are aware of the ingredients of the items you buy. Also the already mentioned shopping list is important, along with the general advice not to go shopping for groceries when you are hungry. Much of this I already have covered in Easily Improve Your Diet, Best Nutritional Advice, In diet, there is no magic pill and 5 Easy Ways to Eat Better.

Improve Your Exercise Routine for Your Health

3. Set Goals

In Goal Setting it is also explained that the setting of goals is important, but also has some requirements for how you set goals. When you have a goal to work to, you also have steps to work towards it. These steps or milestones make it also important to have your sessions done. These make it more tangible what you are working towards.

Improve your routine - plan your work, work your plan
Plan your work, work your plan

4. Set up Your Exercise Planning

As I have mentioned in Motivation to Exercise, it is important and very helpful to schedule your workouts. The scheduling of your exercise sessions, in combination with the milestones towards your end goal, make it more likely to exercise.

5. Incorporate a Level of Flexibility

No matter how much you schedule and have tangible goals, there is still a good chance there will be some interference in your routine. After all, life happens… It is therefore important to make sure there is some flexibility in your routine. With setting a goal, make sure it is realistic and achievable in the timeframe you have set (with some margin). Also when scheduling, make sure you are aware of the periods there are other requirements or obligations in your schedule.

Conclusion; How to Improve Your Routine

So these are 5 simple tips to improve your routine:

  1. Set Up Your Nutrition Planning
  2. Know What Foods (Not) to Buy
  3. Set Goals
  4. Set Up Your Exercise Planning
  5. Incorporate a Level of Flexibility

These relatively simple changes are effective in getting into a more healthy routine. You don’t always need the most fancy, complicated and expensive solutions to get you in the right direction.

What To Do Now

If you need any assistance in getting a trainig program or schedule that includes the modalities mentioned above, get in touch. I am definitely able to help you. Comment below, or use the Contact Page, or email. You can also check more on training through Continuous Improvement Fitness on the About Page or the Trainerize Page.

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