Motivation to Exercise

How To Deal With Days You Are Not Motivated?

Motivation to exercise. Everybody will have them: days you are absolutely not motivated to go to the gym or do your exercises at home. Even though you still have the goal you have set (Setting Goals) in mind, you cannot push yourself to get started. Or even get ready to exercise. Most people would experience these days. I think it is quite normal to have these kind of days every now and then. How to deal with those days?

Basis of a Exercise Session

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The ‘trick’ I use for myself or for my personal training clients, is to set a basis of an exercise session. With only do this part of the session, ¬†you will get closer to your goal. While you started anyway, you are likely to get into the state to finish the remainder of the session. If you still don’t feel like it, well at least you did the main part of the session.

Schedule Your Sessions

Planning and Scheduling is also essential for nutritionAnother way to make sure you are more likely to do your session when you are not motivated, is to schedule your sessions (see also Scheduling Exercises). When the exercise sessions are in your calendar, you are less likely to skip them. For myself it is much of a reminder to myself that I have set goals. And these sessions are planned to achieve that goal. That is also one of the reasons why it is so good to set goals for yourself (Setting Goals).

No Stress

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Do not stress too much about it. It is absolutely normal to have days that you do no feel as motivated as you do on other days. When you cannot get yourself to even do the basis of the scheduled session, you most likely have the option to postpone the session for one day. When you absolutely feel like this, this should be the solution. Nevertheless, this should be your last resort. All in all it is so much better to do just the basis of the session and get it over with.

What to Do Now

I hope this will help you to find the motivation to exercise. If you feel like you could need some encouragement and support during your weeks with exercises, you should look into the options of starting with a coach or (online) personal trainer. He or she will help you with the scheduling of exercises, rest days and the motivation to stay on your route towards your goals. Also through Continuous Improvement Fitness I can help you, even though it is an online training solution. We will be in touch through email, the messenger in the Trainerize application and perhaps (depending on your program) through Skype. Get in touch through the Contact Page, or leave a comment below if you want to know more!

Start now, not tomorrow!

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