No Need for Hours in the Gym – My Take on Online Personal Training

As a Personal Trainer who is offering Online solutions, I try to keep exercise sessions as short, effective and efficient as possible. Our lives are stressful enough and you do not need another stressor to influence you. That is why I would like to keep a minimalistic approach to training and leave my clients with enough time to enjoy things in their spare time.

Why You Do Not Need Hours in a Gym

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As I have written before (read: don’t forget to enjoy and relax) it is important to have moments in which you relax and recover. Having too much stress in your life will prevent you reaching your goals, so forcing yourself to go to the gym for hours on end is quite counterproductive. Unless you have gradually worked yourself towards gym sessions and they are relaxing for you, but still. Being there for much over an hour or hour and a half is not likely leading to positive results.

I like to focus on some basic movements that cover all bases and gives you the quickest results. But do not be fooled by the term “quick”, this in no way means losing weight in a week or gaining muscle in days. The way I would like to have you feel results is in your day to day activities. These effects will show relatively early on and do not require you hitting a gym for hours on end. In an earlier blog (Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast) I have also written that slower progress is more likely leading you to sustainable results.

Importance of Relaxation and Recovery

RelaxationAs mentioned before, we all have enough stress in our life. We definitely need to have and keep time in our busy weeks to do things that we find relaxing. These activities obviously differ from person to person. For some it is going on a long walk, have a good read, play with your (grand)children, or whatever gives you satisfaction. Once you make sure you keep these activities happening during your week, you will see more results from your training. And even the active activities will benefit from your training sessions. I am for instance a big supporter of going for a walk on the days you are not training. This way you recover and relax on your days off.

Benefits of Kettlebells

Outdoor photo from a kettlebell in a park, sunset in the backgroundSome of my most successful clients (who have experienced an increased quality in how they feel in day to day activities), reached their success while training at home with one or a few kettlebells. This is also why I am an advocate of having a kettlebell or two at home. You will be able to do a wide variety of exercises with the convienience of doing them at home.  Before you head off, buy kettlebells and try to work with them, make sure you attend a course or get some instruction and specific guidance by a trainer who has a decent certification to instruct you on the use of kettlebells (examples are: StrongFirst®’s SFG certification (like me), RKC or Overload Worldwide).

And What To Do Now?

Interested how this could work for you? Get in touch to learn what training through Continuous Improvement Fitness could mean for you! Or if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section or ask them through the Contact Page.

Start now, not tomorrow!

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