5 Easy Ways to Eat Better

These are five ridicously easy ways to eat better and support a healthy or healthier lifestyle. After reading this you might think that these are too easy and too obvious, but do you have these routines actually in place for yourself?

As a personal trainer offering online training solutions, these are 5 tips I frequently give to have people improve their eating habits. Very simple and once installed, very easy to follow. Most important of all, you will notice and feel the difference soon enough!

1. Read the nutrion label, before you buy

Nutrition Label SampleThis is so often overlooked. Once you have noticed the amount of sugars or chemicals that are used in certain products you do want to make sure that you do not buy and use these products. Once you check the label, you will also have a better understanding of what you really are eating. Soon enough you know which products to avoid and which you can buy.

Be aware that you should take into consideration what the type of product is. It is absolutely normal that certain products have a form of (natural) sugar content, what you should be aware of is the products with added sugars. Read more on sugars in fat-free products.

2. Avoid processed foods

Processed FoodsProcessed foods are the type of products where you most likely the types of ingredients you want to stay away from. Take for instance a tomato-based sauce. Most of those sauses include certain chemicals (preservatives and the like), but also sugar. It is far better for your health to make your own sauce from fresh tomatoes. It even tastes better then too. So it is better to make your meals from original products. You will be in control what goes into it and you can also personalize it to your taste.

3. Plan your week and buy in accordance with your plan

Planning and Scheduling is also essential for nutritionWhen you take a moment in the week to plan and schedule the meals and food you would need for the upcoming week, you are setting yourself up for success. This way, you are taking away temptation of ordering take-a-way or delivery. You already have food at home, with better and healthier choices. Make sure that you also include your choice of healthy snacks for these days.

Going to a supermarket with a shopping list is also a way to prevent several unhealthy choices. When you have a plan for the coming days, any other food does not fit in the schedule.

4. Actually eat at a table

It is important to sit down to eatThis has several benefits that you can cover by just setting up at a table to eat. You should have no distractions, eating your meal should be a conscious activity. This makes you better able to absorb the nutrients, but also takes away stress and gives you a moment for yourself. One other thing to cover with this tip: focus on really and thouroughly chew your food. This improves the digestion in two ways. Your food will be properly broken down in smaller pieces, but maybe even more importantly: you are releasing saliva with specific enzyms that aid the proper digestion of the food. This is alwo why you actually should chew when you are having a protein shake. It sounds and looks strange, but it will help the digestion of the nutritients that are in it.

5. Make sure you do not have unhealthy foods/snacks in your house

This might be the most obvious and easy tip. But many people just do not prevent themselves from being tempted into bad decisions. Some people come with excuses like, but what about having something for the kids? Or when I will have guests. Well… what about serving the same healthy snacks you will have? And do you really want to serve your kids the unhealthy food, what you are trying to stay away from? You could also read Easily Improve Your Diet for more background information on that.

5 Easy Tips To Eat More Healthy

How Could a Personal Trainer Help You to Eat Better

There they are, 5 simple tips to improve your eating habits. Pretty straightforward, is it not? But how could a Personal Trainer help with this? Or do you really need a coach or trainer to help you with this? Well, do you really have these tips in place? Most people honestly do not follow all of these things.

A personal trainer or coach has regular moments in which he or she is in touch with you. You have the possibility to ask questions about your nutrition, or your trainer will give you guidance and keep you accountable. You have read these tips just now, but is there somebody who is going to ask you in a week or few weeks time if you managed to follow these tips? Just the attention and follow-on will make you more likely to adhere to a change. So besides the personal attention and a customized training program, specific for your situation and your needs, a personal trainer can help you to eat better and be more healthy. This even can be done by an online personal trainer. So if you want to make a change, reach out to one and learn how you can reach your goals and live healthier with an approach especially for you. Or have a look at our programs to see what type of program could be a fit for you. If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact us.

Start now, not tomorrow!

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