Don’t forget to enjoy and relax

It is so easy to jump on the ‘healthy train’ and exercise regularly, eat more healthy, drink more water and sleep more. Chances are that you will get demotivated and fall of the wagon one day. If you went all in, it can be very hard to get back on it. You did not allow yourself to miss an exercise, or have unhealthy food or enjoy a party. So the moment you do have tasted any of the ‘forbidden things’, it might be hard to let that go.

Balance PoolOne of the things you also should have in mind is that it is not all lost when you for instance had a homemade double chocolate muffin. Those 201 calories (see here) will not take away all progress with that one muffin. As long as you follow your diet in the long run, you will be fine. Of course it is better not to have them, but there is no man over board when you do… once a month or so. It is likely that you do not crave much of it anyway.

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I have noticed it with myself that my cravings are almost non-existing. Since we changed our diet to more healthier foods and we stopped buying processes foods and products with refined sugar, I crave those products less and less. And when I give in and buy the cookies or order McDonalds, I only need one bite to be reassured that I did not miss anything and they even do not taste that good. I also notice that many things just taste too sweet…

When you stress after you had some food which you actually should not have had, this stress is likely to be more of a bad influence than the food itself. The stress hormone cortisol is a natural reaction to stress, even as a reaction to a training session. When your stress level does not come back to normal, your body will be in a (more or less) constant state of stress. One of the responses of your body is that it will store energy for future use. The way your body does that, is in the form of fat. Mainly around your waist area.

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This makes it one or the true expressions that you can sleep yourself lean. While sleeping you do not consume any food and your stress level should lower. There are some other benefits, but those are for another time. It suffices to say that you have to take time to relax and enjoy what you are doing in order to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are extremely strict on your diet and exercise and you have no moments to unwind and relax, your lifestyle might be less healthy than you think!

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Our online personal training programmes are meant to be relatively short and you will be able to do the exercises when and where it suits you, so you also have time to relax. Interested in what this could mean for you? Get in touch to learn more.

Start now, not tomorrow.

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