Scheduling exercises

Scheduling exercises

It is likely to be so recognizable for many people. A busy day or even the whole week. And even that Sunday you said to yourself: I really should have some exercise this week. When the thought process stopped right there. It is very likely that the days went by and at the end of the week… no exercise was done. The daily hassle has taken over. And there was not enough time left to sit down, rethink the thoughts of exercising and then putting it into action. I see this even with some of my clients as a personal trainer. barbell on a gray background and retro alarm clock. Time 8:00

What to Do

There are a few ways to make the exercise more likely to happen. Especially when you have a busy (work)week. One of the ways is to join a gym or fitness centre where there are group lessons or sessions. This way there is a fixed schedule and you are likely to attend and have some physical activity that week.

Plank as good abdomen exercise

Or you agree to go to a gym with a friend, in which case you are likely to hold the other accountable. When one of you does not feel like going to the gym, the other is likely to drag the other along.

But what if you are not near group lessons, or they are not your thing? Or when you prefer to train at home or have a busy schedule that is different every week ? Scheduling your exercises is then key. Write them in your calendar and make it along a programme that evolves and it messes up when you miss out a session. This way you decide upfront on what you do and when, while you still have some flexibility to change days or exact moments. But still you force yourself a bit more to work on your own health and well-being in a more consistent manner.

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Another great way of forcing yourself in a exercise regime that you are likely to follow, is online personal training.  Your personal trainer will make you a programme that over the course of weeks should evolve. You can schedule the exercises whenever and wherever it suits you. And most importantly there is somebody challenging you to do it. Your trainer will definitely get in touch with you when you missed an exercise and will challenge you to improve yourself continuously.

What Can Continuous Improvement Fitness Mean for You?

This is where Continuous Improvement Fitness can assist you as well. Get in touch what a customized and personalized training programme can do for you and how you can reach your health and fitness goals.

Start now, not tomorrow!

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