Eating Healthy is Better than a Diet

Healthy Heart FoodEating healthy is better than a diet

We have all heard them. People swearing by a particular diet. If you just stick to that for X amount of weeks, you will definitely lose X amount of kilos. Nobody is actually talking or asking about what happens after this diet… (See also In diet, there is no magic pillBest Nutritional Advice and 5 Easy Ways to Eat Better) So here is why eating healthy is better than a diet.

eating healthy foodThe likely situation is that people get back in their old habits and eat how and what they ate before the diet. And it takes no genius to figure out that when you do what you always did, you will get where you were before. In other words, a diet is more than likely not sustainable with regards to results. And why would you go through the hassle, when the results are only temporary?! That is why eating healthy is better than a diet.

Small Steps

Essential FatsYour eating habbits should be almost like your workouts: trying to do it a little better each and every day, week and month (see also Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast). And what defines better, differs actually from person to person. Of course it is good to stay away from processed food, too large quantities, too much sugar and so on. This is beneficial for everybody.

Everybody is Different

The biggest thing is that we all have our genetic background and specific food (in)tolerances. That is why there is no fixed solution for everybody and the difference might be in small details, so you can not expect exactly the same results when you copy someone’s eating habits. Much like with exercises, it is important to listen to your body. It is a sign that what you ate is not good for you, when you are feeling bloated, gassy or in any other way uncomfortable.Group Of People Dining Concept

One way to see if you have a problem with some groups of food, is to stay away from them for a period of 30 days. For instance, food that is rich in carbohydrates. When you have succesfully stayed away from it for about 30 days, you can gradually consume one type of this kind of food. If you are intolerant to this food, it will be quite obvious. This might be quite elaborate, but this is one of the few sure ways to find out if there is a type of food that does not suit you.

Falling Off the Wagon

fast food meals : onion rings, french fries and fried chickenIt is nonetheless important to implement realistic and achievable habits, so that you know that you are able to keep up with these habits. Not stressing out when you have a side-step or “fall off the wagon” for a day, is also very important. The stress you can put on yourself, could do you more harm than the food you ate. And if your body reacts in a similar way as mine, your body will let you know that it was not the best food you ate. Every now and then I have a little side-step and eat what I actually should not eat. On these occasions, my stomach and intestines are protesting about the ‘bad’ food I had. The trick is not to get angry with yourself, but rather to see this as a confirmation that you are doing the right thing by staying away from this food.Healthy fresh raw food for the heart in a banner

As with many things, in maintaining and improving your healthy lifestyle, the mental component is of the biggest importance. Get in touch with us, to see how we can assist you in continuously improve your fitness, based on exercise, rest and nutrition.

Start now, not tomorrow.

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