Importance of Tracking Your Training

Notepads with accessoriesImportance of tracking your training: it is important to keep track of all of your training. There are a few reasons why this is so important.


In order to reach your goals (read more about Goals), you need to progress. The only way to make sure you are progressing, is to keep track of your workouts. For certain exercises, you will be able to do one repetition more than the previous time or use a slightly heavier weight. With several workouts in a week, and the week is obviously also filled with other activities, it is sheerly impossible to memorize all details of your workouts.

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One of the things you can notice, if you track and monitor your workouts closely, is that there might be some exercises where you are no longer progressing. You are then hitting a so called plateau. The sooner you notice this. The sooner you can plan an alternative exercise to help you progress further. That is one of the important factors of tracking your training.

You might think: “Why is this progression so important?”  In order to get your body to change, you have to challenge your body in such a way that it will adjust. After all, you have a certain goal you want to achieve. When you perform a workout that was very hard for you, your body will try to – with the proper amount of rest and nutrition – adapt to this new load. It does not want to be caught off guard like that again. After each workout, your body should be stronger and better able to withstand what you did. This is very much depending on the amount of rest and quality nutrition you give your body.


Attractive blond woman with smart phone, resting after gym workoutAnother reason to track your workouts, is for your own motivation. Sometimes it is good to see the progress you have made in your workouts by seeing where you came from. Even if you use very small increments to increase the weight, you are making progress and on the long run you will see the difference from where you started.

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Continuous Improvement Fitness

Within Continuous Improvement Fitness we are using an application that delivers training programmes to our clients and, depending on the programme you choose, nutritional guidelines. On top of that, the application is also used to track your results, body statistics and even progress photographs. All these can and will be used to monitor your progress and results. Whenever and wherever necessary, adjustments need to be made, they can be made fairly easy. This way, you will only do the exercises that work and reach your goals in the most effective and efficient manner. See there the importance of tracking your training.

So, if you are curious how this can help you reach your goals in an effective and efficient manner? Get in touch through the comments or the Contact Page and we will see what we can do to achieve that.

Start now, not tomorrow.

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