External motivators

Boxing man ready to fight. Boxing, workout, muscle, strength, powerExternal motivators and how can you make them work for you

I might not be the only one who sets goals for himself and wants to adjust them along the way. For instance, I tell myself to go for an hour of a certain activity, but at 30-40 minutes there is a voice in my head saying: “it is quite enough now already”. By now, I know how not to give in to that thought. I learned it the hard way and through determination. My time in the armed forces definitely helped on that part. Nonetheless there can be an easier way to achieve this, so you don’t all have to join the military to achieve this. External motivators can help you out.

Sharing Your Goals

Plank as good abdomen exerciseImagine making somebody privy to your set goal, for instance telling your spouse, partner or friend that you want to achieve something. Imagine telling them: “I want to start doing physical exercise 3 times a week, starting now”. The next time the subject is being mentioned, you want to be able to tell that you managed to do so. But still there is no consequence to you not achieving this. So what about: “I want to get rid of 2 kilos in the coming 2 months, if not I will take you out for dinner at a restaurant of your choosing.”. This is giving you an incentive, a clear goal and a consequence when you are not successful.

Young Woman Pushing WeightsOf course there are different options with regard to goals and consequences. But fact of the matter is that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) and share them As mentioned in Setting Goals. Training with a personal trainer (online or in person) will give this SMART goal-setting, but also the accountability. Not meaning that you have to take out your trainer for dinner when you do not achieve your goals, but you can try to make the incentive in such a way that you will get a discount or even a free session once you achieved your goal in the set time.

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Do you want to get more information on how this could work? Get in touch and we will see what we can arrange through Continuous Improvement Fitness.

Start now, not tomorrow.

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