Do as much as you can

Schedule.jpegDo as much as you can. We all have our busy schedules, filled with several obligations for work, family, hobbies and perhaps other things. Sometimes it really feels like you have no more time in the day to relax and enjoy a bit. Or at least I have that feeling every now and then.

Time Restraints

barbell on a gray background and retro alarm clock. Time 8:00Since the obligations for work and family are mostly not negotiable, the exercise is likely to be the first to be sacrified. As much as it is understandable, it would be so much better just to take on the physical activity and try to alter it a bit so it fits better in your schedule. I mean: if you normally work out for an hour, try to cut it down to half an hour. Or when you have to commute to get to the gym for that hour, try to do some bodyweight exercises at home for half an hour. Anything to get some physical activity done.

Once You Get Started

Portrait of personal trainer woman at gym after fitness workoutA likely effect will be that you will do more than you initially scheduled for and you will feel great about that. Most times our minds will give us all sorts of excuses about why it is not possible to go for such a ‘long’ session of physical activity. Honestly, most of the times it is just a matter of setting priorities. At least, for me it is the case. You can see it as a little trick, but you are more likely able to convince yourself that you can work out for half an hour than a longer session. Once you are doing it, it might even be a bit longer, but as long as you achieve a workout of half an hour, you will feel great. You have achieved something and finished it for that day.

Attractive blond woman with smart phone, resting after gym workout

Additional Benefits

Working out does not only have a postive effect on your physical wellbeing, but it can also clear your head and make you feel better within minutes. Despite the fact that you use your energy, you can feel so much more energized after a workout. So it is a bit like the “travel is the only expense that will make you richer”, working out is not just costing energy, it makes you feel more energized. At least, when done properly. Do you want to get tips or assistance to workout properly in the timeframe that you have available? Get in touch through the comment or Contact Page and we will see what we can arrange through Continuous Improvement Fitness. Or otherwise: do as much as you can!

Start now, not tomorrow.

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