How to reach your fitness goals

How to reach your fitness goals. There are some things important to know and understand when you want to reach your fitness goals. There are several aspects that come into play when you start a plan or programme to reach your specific goals. In this post, three will be discussed that can help you get started.


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The first and maybe most important aspect is made clear with the following quote:

“If you want to change yourself, something has to change”

It is important to realize that nothing will change, when you keep on doing what you do. If you truly want to change something, like losing some excess weight, you have to do something different. This can be something simple, but something simple does not mean that it is easy. In short, you have to realize that it will take effort.

The ‘why’

AdobeStock_114898198.jpegSecondly, it is good to make sure that you know what you want to achieve. Just the end-state you want to reach, like losing weight or getting better at a certain sport, is not enough. You must dig deeper to get to know why you want to reach that goal. This will help you more to persist and implement the necessary changes.

The ‘how’

The best approach here is to acquire the help from people who have the insights and can help you. You can, for instance, search on the internet to find programmes that are available there, but chances are that you cannot find the best suitable programme for your situation and your specific goal. Honestly, the best approach would be to find a good personal trainer, either in person, or on-line. Through a good personal trainer, you should get a personal and customized programme that is made specifically for you and your situation. With other approaches you can reach your goal as well, but a good personal trainer will only focus on what is necessary and contributes to reaching your goal in the most effective and efficient way.


Also here the chances are that not everything is easy or will be nice to do. When you want your body to adjust, you have to challenge it with impulses that it is not accustomed to. For instance, with resistance training this means that you should perform the exercise with a higher weight every time. When you find a good trainer, he or she will change the programme based on your achievements and adaptation. It nevertheless depends on your full effort and performance of the instructions.

This makes it quite clear that you should get a good feeling with a trainer when you choose one. He or she should be able to adjust the exercises in several ways, whenever you do not seem to get closer to your goal. In your training programme, you should do only the things that are necessary to get the job done.

What can you do next?

In my e-Book “The Essentials of Living Healthy”, I have covered the approach we have with Continuous Improvement Fitness. Download your free copy here. Or you can opt for the programme where we will create a specific, personalized and customized plan for you and your needs. No fancy stuff, just the things that are effective and will be adjusted accordingly when necessary.

Start now, not tomorrow.

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