My story, how I got into being a Personal Trainer

Niek Personal Trainer based in Lebanon
Me as personal trainer, based in Lebanon.

Instead of writing about a certain type of training, nutrition or related subject, I wanted to touch upon something closer to me. I will write about what lead me to offer my services as personal trainer and what I went through and how I managed to get rid of some of my excess weight. In my last position in the military service, I had tasks that did not require nor did I have much spare time to exercise and keep in shape.

The Toll of my Job

Chile, 2014

My work was quite demanding in the last years and I have been working hard. I made long hours and lacked in proper nutrition and sleep. I did not bother to eat properly because it had to be quick since there was so much work to do. Every night, I seemed to sleep less, since I was working late and getting up early again. I had no time to buy fresh produce but rather resorted to quick bites or canned food. This had its toll on me and I had gained quite some additional weight. At this point in time, my weight went up to 89 kg. That was the weight that I had reached and guess what? The work I had at hand: it was never done… No matter how hard I worked, even if I had worked 24 hours a day, it would have never be done.

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Jordan, 2012

After the Military

Once I resigned from the military service and moved towards the Middle East, to live with my soon-to-be wife, I was very uncomfortable with myself. It had an influence on the size of my clothes, how easily I could move but even more importantly, a big impact on how I felt about myself. Even something simple as putting my socks and shoes on was not as easy as it used to be. I had to wear a bigger size of trousers, otherwise my waist would not fit in, which had grown significantly over the years.

I had enough and wanted to change that. And once I made up my mind, I got going and changed my lifestyle, yet again – gradually. From that moment on, I was taking more care of my nutrition, sleep and made exercise a bigger part of my weekly schedule. In a timeframe of about a year, I managed to drop to a bodyweight of 77 kg and feel much, much better about myself.

I managed to do so with some small and easy changes in my lifestyle. My concentration and blood flow improved, the stress level lowered and my self-esteem upsurged. It took time, patience and consistency to improve my psycho-physical health but this achievement felt so great that I have also decided to help other people reach similar goals.

Training in Lebanon

Starting as a Personal Trainer

In the beginning of 2017, I have planned and initiated Continuous Improvement Fitness. The name came up easily, since my mindset and attitude are such that I need to continuously evolve and improve.

In order to sustain only those relevant aspects with regard to exercise, rest and nutrition, I have continuously improved what I included in my programme.

I am now administering the same approach in my training methods for people who start training with Continuous Improvement Fitness. It is a drive that makes it easier to follow any programme because you will only do what works for you.

This way, it will not only be a programme that helps you reach your goals, but also make you think about what works, what not and how to improve everything you do.

Results Achieved

When you are curious about the feedback some of my clients have given you can check the Testimonials.

Since I am offering Online Personal Training services, it does not require to live nearby in order to get a training program or coaching from me. I train and have trained clients in the United Kingdom, United States of America, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lebanon even while I am currently living in the South of Lebanon.

The Future

In the future I want to help more people to move better and feel better. In the mean time I am aiming to continue to educate and improve my knowledge on training, training modalities and associated aspects.

What can you do next?

In my e-Book “The Essentials of Living Healthy”, I have covered the elements I have used in my personal approach as well. Download your free copy here.

Or you can opt for one of the programmes through which I will help you reach your goals and help you continuously improve yourself.

Start now, not tomorrow.

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