Online Personal Training: the benefits

Online Personal TrainingA normal reaction to online personal training or online coaching is the thought: “How is that going to work?”. It is still quite new. But it is a very good way to have the benefits of personal training without some of the limitations that in-person personal training can have. Currently, you can find many online solutions. But how does it actually work? And how does it work with Continuous Improvement Fitness?

Online Personal Training

First of all: just like with in-person personal training, you will get a customized and personalized training schedule with Continuous Improvement Fitness. This will fit your needs/goals, experience and available equipment. Some online coaching solutions only offer generic programs which you either get access to from a certain library, or get one sent to you.

The programs with Continuous Improvement Fitness are not like these “cookie-cutter solutions”. They are totally customized and personalized. We work with an application called “Trainerize” through which we will send you the program. Adjust the program where and when necessary and monitor your progress. There is also a chat function in the application, so it is very easy to get and stay in touch.

Trainerize the app used for Weightloss, Strength Training, Getting Fitter, Shaping Up and other programs

Time and Location

You should train at any time that suits you, in any place that suits you. You are thus not depending on the physical availability of a personal trainer to train you in-person. This convenience will save you a lot of time as well as avoid the awkwardness many feel when going to a new gym or to meet up with a trainer. You can train at any gym or just at home. The program will be adjusted to what is available to you.


Especially in times when you are more or less restricted to your home (like the COVID-19 pandemic), online personal training is an excellent way to keep training and having a system to train with what you have available.


Personal Trainer Niek from Continuous Improvement Fitness based in Lebanon
Me as personal trainer, based in Lebanon.

You will also get much more access to your trainer/coach than you would as a face to face client. You get the coaching, training programs and support all week long, not just for one maybe two hours a week that we may be together in a face-to-face environment. This means we can work together on every single aspect of getting you desired results and seeing you smash through to your goals.

Instructions and Coaching

There are ways to ensure you are doing everything correctly. The exercises will be included in your “Trainerize” calendar, showing the exercises for that day. The application will include videos and descriptions on how the exercises should be performed and we can agree on video recording of your exercises to make sure you perform the exercises the proper way.

Logo of Continuous Improvement Fitness, Online Personal Training
Continuous Improvement Fitness, Online Personal Training

To make hitting your goals really simple for you, you will benefit from reminders, follow up and support for each training session and everything you should track. Great online coaching is a one stop shop to get amazing results. All built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind.

You get all of this at a lower price than working face to face with a personal trainer for one hour a week! This saves you money while giving you the best possible guidance, service and support.

What you could do next?

In my e-Book “The Essentials of Living Healthy”, I have covered a part on the training solution of Continuous Improvement Fitness.  Also which aspects we think are important in living healthy. Download your free copy here. Or you can opt for one of the programmes where we will put this all in practice.

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