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Want to get more energy? Improve your confidence? Get back into your favorite clothes?

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You want to get more energy? Improve your confidence? Or simply fit in some favourite clothes again? I can help you reach these or other goals.

Welcome to the site of Continuous Improvement Fitness. I offer online personal training to make you reach your goals. I strive to continuously improve you, my programs and my knowledge.

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Online (personal) training?

One of the first benefits of online training is the affordability. The programs are more cost effective in comparison to a personal trainer for $60 – $100 per hour at a gym. With online training you can still use the gym you’re used to or even train at home. You nevertheless will receive personalized and customized program and coaching. This will help you to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently. It is not always better to work harder, sometimes it is better to work smarter.

I make use of the application “Trainerize” which will be the centre of the training program. You will receive the customized training plan in the application and during the exercise you can log your progress, results and add additional comments.

I also offer a discount for active duty military personnel and veterans, get in touch to learn more about this.

Continuous Improvement Fitness is currently operated from Lebanon, but serving worldwide.

Welcome to Continuous Improvement Fitness

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